About the Kenpo Arts Alliance Affiliates
Mr. David Hopper   
Master David Hopper began training in the martial arts in 1985.

His accomplishments include:
Shichidan - 7th Degree Black Belt, Tracy's Kenpo Karate (August 2015)
Shichidan - 7th Degree Black Belt, Kenpo Jujitsu (August 2015)
Shichidan - 7th Degree Black Belt, Scottish Budo Association (2016)
Charter Member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame (2007)
Certified Master Instructor, Tracy's Kenpo Karate (2005)
Certified Tai Chi Instructor (1995)
YogaFit Level 2 Certified Instructor (2014)
Spirit of the Warrior Award (2013)
Seminar Instructor at Gatherings of Eagles - 2013, 2015, 2017
Seminar Instructor at 2016 Last Man Standing (Dallas, TX)
Seminar Instructor at 2018 Keepers of the Flame (Dallas, TX)

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Mr. Raymond Montoya  
U.S. Army 06/’76-06/’79 E-4/Specialist, 3yrs service,
MOS: 95B/Military Policeman

Bryan Police Department 26 ½ yrs Police Officer/Retired (Investigator, Detective, Patrolman, Recruiter, & Supervisor) Two Departmental Citations BPOA Patrol Officer of Year (1983) BPD Supervisor of the Year (2001)
Defense Tactics Instructor (PPCT) handcuffing, expandable baton, side-handle baton, Pressure points, Knife defense, & ground escape and Firearms Instructor,
Brazos County Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor Investigator currently 7 yrs. and counting.

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Mr. Stuart Gavin  
Stuart Gavin

Sensei Stuart Gavin (Judan - Tracy's 10th Degree Black belt) has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years, starting his training in Shotokan during the early 1980's.

He is the founder of the Scottish Budo Association and currently teaches classes in Kempo, Ju-Jitsu, No Gi Grappling, Wing Chun, Iaido and Arnis.  Sensei Gavin has taught at 3 of Great Grandmaster Al Tracy's Gathering of Eagles, including the 2013 event when he was inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame and was certified as a Kempo Ambassador.

Sensei Gavin holds a level 4 professional teaching qualification and his company provides government regulated training for security operatives in the UK.  His specialties include teaching Personal Security, Threat Awareness, Close Quarter Combat and First Aid to Bodyguards and Close Protective Operatives.

Sensei Gavin is also a qualified hypnosis and NLP Master Trainer, he offers courses to martial artists and school owners in hypnosis, NLP, life coaching, meditation and counseling.


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Dr. Nick Chamberlain  
Professor Chamberlain 2 Cssd Hombu Soke, Gasan Ryu Kenpo
10th Degree Black Belt, Gasan Ryu Kenpo
5th Degree Black Belt, Nick Cerio's Kenpo
5th Degree Black Belt, Karazenpo Goshinjutsu
3rd Degree Black Belt, Heike Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
1st Degree Black Belt, Kodokan Judo

GM Chamberlain began training in the late 1970's and opened his first school in 1981 in Massachusetts.  In 1997, Grand Master Cerio promoted Dr. Chamberlain to Fifth Degree Black Belt in both Nick Cerio's Kenpo and American Kenpo Karate.  Dr. Chamberlain has trained under Master Ed. Parker in American Kenpo; Master Tadashi Yamashita in self defense; Professor Wally Jay and his son Leon Jay in Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu; Master P. Chan in Wah Lum; Master Rick Beauchamp in Wah Lum and Kenpo; Master Joe Lewis in Technique, Master Carlos Machado in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Martial Traditions and Bo under Fumio Demura, Shihan.  Dr. Chamberlain holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in traditional Heike-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu under the head of the system, Sensei Vince Tamura, and a first degree Black Belt in traditional Kodokan Judo under Sensei Tamura and sensei Jim Webb, the past president of the United States Judo Association.

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Grand Master Ted Sumner    
Grand Master Ted Sumner Grand Master Ted Sumner began his martial arts training with the Tracy Brothers in San Jose, California in November of 1963. He received extensive training as an instructor and began teaching for the Tracy's at their San Carlos Street dojo in San Jose in October of 1967. He was awarded his Black Belt on October 11, 1968, one week before his 18th birthday. Ted moved to the Tracy's Santa Clara school where he served as Head Instructor until 1975. During that time Ted trained such notable students as Jay T. Will, Ray Arquilla, Doug MacLeod and Mark Tracy.

While attending San Jose State University Mr. Sumner was able to earn PE credits while training with the perennial NCAA Champion SJSU Judo Team under the direction of the legendary Yosh Uchida. In 1990 Mr. Sumner became a student of Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu Master Sig Kufferath. Over the next 10 years until the death of Professor Kufferath, Mr. Sumner remained his personal student learning his Dan Zan Ryu System of Jujitsu as well as the Sifukujitsu Restoration Healing Arts including the "Okugi", secret teachings and the "Koden", orally transmitted secrets.

In 1988 Mr. Sumner opened San Jose Kenpo where he taught as Chief Instructor until 2013 when he retired to Austin, Texas turning the school over to his top student Vance Murakami. Grand Master Ted Sumner was an inaugural inductee into the International Kenpo Hall of Fame in 2007 and was promoted to Judan 10th Degree Black Belt by Al Tracy at the Hall of Fame ceremonies in Chicago, IL in 2013.

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Grand Master Jefferson Davis    
Jefferson Davis 

Judan – 10th degree Black Belt, Tracy ’s Kenpo Karate System
Lieutenant-Colonel – US Army Reserves

GM Davis became an avid competitor in tournaments from 1974 until he retired in 2000, winning many state, regional, and national honors in both forms and fighting. His philosophy regarding students is simple: When they come to him to learn, they are putting their lives in his hands. He stands as a man of honor and respect to all his fellow blackbelt brothers and all students.

GM Davis still teaches and practices Kenpo with his top blackbelt Billy Dalton at his Troy, Illinois school.  GM Davis retired from the US Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel in Military Intelligence and Special Operations.


"Through all adversity comes Greatness!"

Master Louie Jiles  
Louie Jiles Rokudan – 6th Degree black belt
Charter Member of the International Kenpo Hall of Fame 2007.
Master Instructor at the International Kenpo Gathering of Eagles 2009.

Master Jiles began Kenpo training in 1972, under Frank Wood through the Tracy's International Studios of Self Defense in Marietta, Georgia. The studio was one of four Tracy's Kenpo schools in the greater Atlanta area. These studios were established in the area by Master James Stewart and Darryl Escalante who were trained by Al Tracy, Roger Greene and Robert Babich. The studio curriculum included training in Kang Duk Won, Tracy’s Kenpo, and Joe Lewis Kickboxing. Master Jiles started teaching Kenpo in 1974 and received his Shodan in 1976

In the '80s and 90's Master Jiles also cross-trained in a number of martial arts seeking to better understand the insights they offered. After years of teaching traditional Kenpo, he developed and opened Nexus Kenpo Martial Arts in 2000 to bring together the arts of Kenpo, combat kickboxing and ground survival jujutsu in a method not usually seen by most martial arts students. Master Jiles also believes in the therapeutic aspects of martial arts and teaches Yang Tai Chi Chuan as a method of relaxation, fitness and as a martial art. Students at his school range from local SWAT, fire fighter, and military personnel to families and teens.

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Shihan Kevin Hooker  
Kevin Hooker Shihan Kevin Hooker started his martial arts journey in 1991 in Shotokan Karate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After graduating with an engineering degree and moving to Omaha - he found a new home in Kenpo Karate. Shihan Hooker is now the chief instructor for the Martial Arts program at The Elite Academy of Martial Arts.

After Achieving his Black Belt, Shihan Kevin Hooker enrolled in the Sensei Program to apply his love of teaching to his love of the Martial Arts. After apprenticing under Shihan Scott in the proper way to share NCK, Shihan Kevin Hooker earned his Sensei title from Shihan Scott. With Shihan Scott retiring from the commercial school in 2010, he was given the opportunity to continue Shihan Scott's mission to maintain a prestige level Kenpo karate school in the mid-west. Shihan Hooker is currently a 5th degree black belt (Godan) in Kenpo Karate and continues to strive to perfect his skills in the martial arts (now training under Professor Nick Chamberlain Judan).

In the spirit of continuing to strive for more - Shihan Hooker took up Brazilian JiuJitsu under Fabio Santos's black belts - Scott Thompson and Greg James. Today, Shihan Hooker continues teaching in all of his athletic endeavors!

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Shihan Mark Fountain  
Mark Fountain Shihan Mark Fountain began his Martial Arts journey in the Korean Arts in 1979. His love of the Arts was evident. As his family matured, his two sons also started to show an interest in the Martial Arts. After a brief tenure which ended when their first instructor started medical school, Sensei Fountain found Shihan Tom Scott and NCK as a school that would be their permanent home. After the boys started their studies with Shihan Scott in 2000, Sensei Fountain joined soon afterwards as a way of spending more time with his family.

As Shihan Fountain progressed through the ranks, he watched as NCK grew from a modest number of students to a school with students numbering over 100. During this period of growth, Shihan Fountain approached Shihan Scott to volunteer his services and assist Shihan Scott teaching classes as a coach. His interest in helping grew into a love for teaching. In 2005, after apprenticing under Shihan Scott for seven years, Mark Fountain earned and was bestowed his Sensei title by Shihan John James, Shihan Scott's NCK Instructor.

Shihan Fountain is currently a 5th degree black belt (Godan) in Kenpo Karate. In the spirit of continuing to strive for more, he has taken up Brazilian JiuJitsu under Fabio Santos's black belts - Scott Thompson and Greg James.

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Grand Master Peter Coyle  
Peter Coyle Judan - 10th Degree Black Belt
European Director, International Kenpo Yudanshakai.
President of the Irish Karate Association.
President of ONAKAI (National Governing Body for Karate in Ireland).

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Master Vance Murakami  
Vance Murakami Hachidan - 8th Degree Black Belt (July, 2017)
Charter Member of the International Kenpo Hall of Fame (2007)
Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award (2011)
Recipient of the Spirit of the Warrior award (2013)
Certified in advanced Seifukijitsu (Healing Arts).
Head Master of San Jose Kenpo

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Grand Master Joe Rebelo  
Joe Rebelo  Grand Master Joseph P. Rebelo II ("Kenpo" Joe Rebelo) is the Senior Instructor of Rebelo's Kenpo Karate (which includes the NINDORYU FUDOSHIN KOBUKAI and the WU TANG DRAGON MASTER KUNG FU ACADEMY - Wu Tang Lung Si Gung Kung Fu Kwoon). As an instructor, he has been involved with Martial Arts for almost half a century and has been the owner/operator of 5 commercial studios, teaching countless students.

A noted martial arts historian, Mr. Rebelo has been inducted into 5 Halls of fame as a historian. He has one of the largest martial arts book, magazine and video collections in the United States.

Mr. Rebelo Presently holds the following ranks / titles in the martial arts:
*10th Degree BLACK BELT (JUDAN) in Kempo (Kempo International certified)
*9th Degree BLACK BELT (KUDAN) in Nindo Ryu Kobujutsu (Hanshi)
*5th Degree BLACK BELT (GODAN) in Karazenpo Goshinjutsu
*5th Degree BLACK BELT (GODAN) in Chuan Fa (Bill Gregory's Kajukenpo-Pai Lum)
*9th Degree BLACK BELT in Ed Parker's American Kenpo (AKWA certified)
*9th Degree BLACK BELT in David German's T.A.I.(Kempo International Certified)
*9th Degree Black Belt in Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo (IKGC Certified)
*5th Degree BLACK BELT (GODAN) in Nindo Ryu Atemido
*6th Degree BLACK BELT (ROKUDAN) in Nindo Ryu Goshin Jujutsu
*6th Degree (ROKUDAN) in Okinawan Kempo
*4th Degree BLACK BELT (YODAN) in Nindo Ryu Gendai Ninjutsu [Taijutsu]
*7th Degree BLACK BELT (SHICHIDAN) in Nindo Ryu Iaijutsu
*1st Degree BLACK BELT (YEEDAN) in Tai Chuan Tao
*1st Degree BLACK BELT in Tae Kwon Do
*5TH Degree BLACK BELT (GODAN) in George Elmer's Kenpo Karate
*1st Degree BLACK BELT (SHODAN) in Mark Shuey's Cane-masters Curriculum
*10th Degree/Level (Duan/Toan) BLACK BELT/SASH in Shao Choy Hung Kung Fu
*SHIR FU (INSTRUCTOR) in Northern Shaolin Praying Mantis (6TH LEVEL)
*SHIR FU in Tai Chi Chuan
*INSTRUCTOR in American-Filipino Arnis-Escrima-Kali Training System
*1st Degree Black Belt in Feliciano "Kimo" Fereira's Kempo Jutsu Kai
*Honorary 1st Degree Black Belt in Raven Kenpo Jujitsu (Technical Advisor)
*Member of the Kenpo "Yudanshakai" (Black Belt Society) by GGM Al Tracy
*World Combat Arts Federation Massachusetts Representative
*Kempo International - Vice President-USA
*United Martial Arts Alliance International - Member & Technical Advisor
*Coalition of Ancestrial Martial Arts International - Member & Massachusetts Representative
*Kempo Jutsu International - Member and board member
*Member of Society of Ancient Warriors
*Member Lo Lum Combat Arts Society
*Kokusai Nihon Bugei Rengokai
*Board Member & Nihon Kempo division kancho

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Grand Master John Patrick Nieto  
John Patrick Nieto Grand Master John Patrick Nieto is a martial arts expert, currently holding the following ranks:

Judan - 10th Degree Black Belt, Chuan Fa America
Judan - 10th Degree Black Belt, Tracy's International

Grand Master Nieto is also an accomplished musician!

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Master George Thibault  
George Thibault Shihan George Thibault, owner and head instructor of Dracut Kenpo Karate, has been training in the Martial Arts since 1983 and has been teaching martial arts since 1985. In addition to teaching at Dracut Kenpo Karate, Shihan George also has taught the Curriculum Plus or After School programs at the Campbell, Greenmont and Brookside Elementary schools in Dracut. He started teaching martial arts at Nick Chamberlain's School of Self Defense in Chelmsford in 1985, taught at the Courthouse Health Club in Chelmsford, and Images Health Club in Dracut.

Shihan Thibault has been involved in tournaments as a competitor and judge in Kata, Weapons Kata, Sparring and Self Defense. He took 1st place in the Self Defense Category at the 1995 World Kempo/Kenpo Tournament held in Boston, MA. He has taught over 10,000 people in the Merrimack Valley and has trained over 50 Black Belts with a dozen attaining the title of Sensei (instructor/teacher), two of whom have gone on to open successful dojos of their own.

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