Fountain Photography

With over 40 years behind the lens, Mr. Mark Fountain is an internationally published photographer whom is currently on staff with a couple of magazines that publish his art.  He has enjoyed a career that has enabled him to work in the lifestyle he lives and loves – motorcycles.

Mr. Fountain is also an avid practitioner of martial arts, and an Affiliate of the Kenpo Arts Alliance (visit his profile on our website), and attends various martial arts-related events on regular basis.   Mr. Fountain took various photos during the Keepers of the Flame event, hosted by Dr. Nick Chamberlain in Dallas, Texas during 2019, and is a major contributor for images to the Kenpo Arts Alliance website.  His support has enabled us to maintain a professional and updated presence on the internet, and his art speaks for itself!   To engage Mr. Fountain for his professional services, please view his profile on Facebook or his website.

Facebook profile.