Master Louie Jiles

Master Louie Jiles

Master Jiles began Kenpo training in 1972, under Frank Wood through the Tracy’s International Studios of Self Defense in Marietta, Georgia. The studio was one of four Tracy’s Kenpo schools in the greater Atlanta area. These studios were established in the area by Master James Stewart and Darryl Escalante who were trained by Al Tracy, Roger Greene and Robert Babich. The studio curriculum included training in Kang Duk Won, Tracy’s Kenpo, and Joe Lewis Kickboxing. Master Jiles started teaching Kenpo in 1974 and received his Shodan in 1976

In the ’80s and 90’s Master Jiles also cross-trained in a number of martial arts seeking to better understand the insights they offered. After years of teaching traditional Kenpo, he developed and opened Nexus Kenpo Martial Arts in 2000 to bring together the arts of Kenpo, combat kickboxing and ground survival jujutsu in a method not usually seen by most martial arts students. Master Jiles also believes in the therapeutic aspects of martial arts and teaches Yang Tai Chi Chuan as a method of relaxation, fitness and as a martial art. Students at his school range from local SWAT, fire fighter, and military personnel to families and teens.

Master Jiles’ credentials include:

  • Hachidan – 8th Degree black belt (2023)
  • Charter Member of the International Kenpo Hall of Fame 2007.
  • Master Instructor at the International Kenpo Gathering of Eagles 2009.

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