Kenpo, Shoot Fighting

Ian Barney

Mr. Ian Barney began his training in Kenpo Jujitsu and Shootfighting in California around the turn of the Century under Master R. J. Yard.  He earned his black belt and started teaching soon after, working his way up to managing one of Mr. Yard’s schools.

After teaching martial arts full time for seven years, Ian relocated to Texas, where he joined the ranks of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a correctional officer.  During his 5 years of service, Ian had the opportunity to employ his learned self defense arts in real world situations.  Moving to Texas also allowed Ian  to meet and begin training under Master Henry Childers, where he continues his training to this day.

In 2010 Ian joined the Texas Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer. As part of his responsibilities Ian trained in Route Clearance for 3 years before he was deployed to Afghanistan.  Due to reassignment to permanent Active Guard Reserve orders Ian was pulled weeks before his unit deployed to Afghanistan.

Ian also trained in Modern Army Combatives, and trained several deploying units for pre-mobilization training.  He continues to train Soldiers in Army Combatives at the Unit level, as well as to teach a select few members of the community.

Working in logistics for the last five years Ian has had the opportunity to serve the state of Texas through several times of crisis. From hurricanes to border security and civil unrest.

Mr. Barney currently holds the rank of San Dan (3rd degree black belt) in Kenpo and is preparing for his 4th Dan test.  He received the “Martial Artist of the Year (Military)” award while attending the Kenpo Gathering of Eagles in Miami, Florida!

Congratulations Ian Barney for this outstanding recognition!