The Kenpo Arts Alliance aspires to bring top instructors together to educate the public about the concepts of self defense.

We believe when it comes to aggression of any kind, you have every right to defend yourself; using just the right amount of force and common sense. It is often smart to walk away when you can and save yourself the legal complications, but make no mistake, if you are forced to defend yourself or your loved ones, your choice is simple — demonstrate the commitment, skills, and courage it takes to get the job done!

We believe in the art and science behind self defense!  It is important to understand your choices and opportunities... Properly positioning yourself and your attacker, choosing moves that enhance your odds of survival, and demonstrating speed, power, agility, and control are only some of the essential ingredients of success.

We believe that simplicity improves efficacy. It is often easier and more realistic to practice simple but effective moves that can become second nature. This way, your mind and body can react better to situations, particularly when you are surprised or in a state of panic.

If you want to invest in the time and effort it takes to learn strong basics, enhance your skills, gain confidence, and dramatically improve your odds in a serious incident, join us and let us share what we have learned in over fifty years of professional involvement in the Martial Arts!

Henry D. Childers

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